Accreditation of study programs

According  to the article 72 , Law 4009/2001   the general criteria of the accreditation of the study programs are mainly the following :

  1. Τhe academic physiognomy and the orientation of the study programs
  2. The learning outcomes and the required qualifications, in compliance with the Νational Qualifications Framework (NFQ) for the Higher Education Area.
  3. The structure and the organization of the study program
  4. The quality and the effectiveness of the teaching work
  5. The pertinence of the qualifications of the teaching staff
  6. The quality of the research project of the academic unit
  7. The connection  between  the teaching procedure and the research
  8. The demand in the labor marker of the acquired qualifications
  9. Τhe quality of the provided  services, including the administrative services, the libraries and the services of student care.