Quality Management Board

According to the reference number 21279/27-02-2020 (ADA: ΩΒΞΜ46Μ9ΞΗ-2Ω9) decision of the Rector of the University of West Attica, the Quality Assurance Unit of the University is constituted as follows:

Kaminaris Stavros,
Professor, Vice- Rector of Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance.


Ksanthos Theodoros, Professor

Pierrakos Georgios, Professor

Tzanakaki Georgia, Professor

Famelis Ioannis, Professor

Xouxoula Dimitra, Associate Professor

C. Representatives of the following categories of staff who participate with the right to vote  regarding issues  of the respective category of staff

Sopidou Varvara, representative of the Special Teaching Staff

Kotsi Vasiliki, representative of the Special Technical Staff

Representative of Undergraduate – Postgraduate Students and PhD Students
Has not been  defined.

Secretary of the Quality Assurance Unit
Ms. Maria  Sigala : ,Phd Administrative manager of quality assurance department