Quality Assurance Unit – Responsibilities

Τhe Quality Assurance Unit has the following responsibilities as well as which are assigned to it by the competent bodies of the University, according  to their  decision:

a)The  cooperation with  the Hellenic  Authority for Higher Education (HAHE)

b) the development of a specific strategy and the required procedures for the continuous improvement of the quality of the academic work and the services of the University

c) the organization, operation and continuous improvement of the internal Quality Assurance system of the University as well as the support of its certification procedures, in the framework of the principles,  guidelines  and instructions of the Hellenic  Authority for Higher Education (HAHE)

d) The development of the information management system of the evaluation data, its continuous improvement and updating, as well as the responsibility for the systematic monitoring and publication on a specially designed website of the University, of the procedures and  the results regarding  the evaluation, in compliance with the   the principles, guidelines  and instructions of the  Hellenic  Authority for Higher Education (HAHE)

e) The permanent search, study and integration in the website of the . Τhe Quality Assurance Unit on the University of West Attica website, related to the evaluation of the procedures and their results as well as its monitoring and  ordinary  updating,

f) The Support, coordination and monitoring of the procedures of the internal and external evaluation of the academic units of the institution. In particular, it takes care of the evaluation of courses provided, and  the  educational material and the general support and the implementation of the evaluation procedures of the academic units based on the quality of the teaching work, the quality of the other services (student care, infrastructure, etc.),

g) The coordination, monitoring and supervision of the preparation and  the submission of the Annual Internal Reports of the University units;

h) The activation and the support of the External Evaluation process of the academic units of the Institution, sending to the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (HAHE)   their Internal Evaluation Reports and  providing aid  to the organization   and the efficient conduct of the procedure  of the in-situ visit  of the external auditors.

i) The coordination,  organization and   implementation of the procedures for the  internal and external evaluation  of the central and  integral services of the University, where it functions as an Internal Evaluation Team  of the  University. In particular,  is responsible for the evaluation of the UNIWA  and  takes care of and prepares the  Internal Report for the  operation of the Unversity every 2 years,  taking  into account the r  Annual Internal Reports of  the  Departments, as well  as the procedures of the Internal Evaluation  for the good  functioning of  the University.

j) The communication  to the academic units of the final  reports  for  their external evaluation.  which are sent by  the Hellenic  Authority for Higher Education.

k) The responsibility for the coordination and the efficient conduct of the audit procedures , of  the criteria and   the requirements for  the annual review  for  the partial aspects  regarding the  the content of the curricula of studies of the University,  in the framework of  the  principles and the guidelines of  the Hellenic  Authority for Higher Education and according to  the  articles 9 – 11 of  the law 4653/2020, on which he proposes  to the Senate. . Towards this purpose, the Quality Assurance Unit  is entitled to  constitute  Advisory  groups with the participation of  the Professors of each School, of   executives and specialized staff of the University.

l) The submission to the Senate of the  University of an annual report  regarding  the exercise of  duties  and the implementation of its objectives.

m) The establishment of advisory committees or special groups consisting of  research and teaching staff  and  other specialized staff of the University,  meeting the requirements of the  of the organization and operation of the procedures of the  evaluation and  the assessment of the work of the units of the University of West Attica.

n)  The collection and  processing  of the data  for the   facilitation of   the  work of the competent bodies of the University,  regarding the planning  and  the implementation of the strategic objectives  for the  good functioning and the development of the University.