Related Legislation (to quality assurance unit) :

LAW 4653/2020
Hellenic Authority for Higher Education. Special Accounts for Research Grants of Higher Education, Research and Technological Institutions, and other regulations

LAW 4521/2018
Establishment of the University of West Attica and other regulations

LAW 4485/2017
Organization and function of higher education, regulations about research and other legislation

LAW 4009/2011
Structure, function, quality assurance of studies and internationalization of institutions of higher education.

LAW 3848/2010
Upgrading/developing the role of teaching staff – establish rules for evaluation and meritocracy in education and other regulations

LAW 3794/2009
Arrangements on issues of universities and technological higher education sector and other regulations

LAW 3577/2007
Establishment of an integrated lifelong learning management body, arrangements on issues of private education and under supervision bodies of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs

LAW 3549/2005
Reform of the legal framework on structure and function of higher education Institutions.

LAW 3374/2005
Quality assurance in higher education – Credit Transfer System – Diploma Supplement